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Bronx, New York, United States #965948

Wow...like seriously I fee like I got ripped off bcuz I ordered from her & it's over 4 weeks now & I sent emails and not even the common decency to even replied back to my email it's ridiculous im gonna want back my *** money I'm so pissed about this online seller

to Lisa #1002646

I am in a worst situation. I ordered from her and returned the item back in March of this year and have yet to receive my exchange and or a refund.

I am seeking legal actions against her.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #963868

This company is beyond unprofessional, they are ghetto and do not know how to conduct business I order from them over a month ago and have not heard a word from them nor have I received my merchandise! I am very pissed off!!

to Anonymous Bronx, New York, United States #965952

Totally pissed off they have no business ethics very unprofessional


This person has no right to get offended after she wanted the company to sell one of her handmade unnecessary products. When we politely told her we weren't interested , she all of a sudden had a problem with her order .

The dispute was won in our favor and none of the email screenshots above were sent from

Coke Bote Curves . It's actual scary what some people will do to sabotage your business because their's isn't thriving .

to Coke Bottle Curves #874051

It looks like a lot of people are trying to "sabotage" your business. Maybe "YOU" are the problem.

to not buying it #937308

...or "sockpuppets".

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