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Coke Bottle Curves Shipping Service complaint 138379
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I placed an order and never received it I am beyond disappointed, I was a great customer who lost money and I reach out several times!!

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I ordered from coke bottle before and let me start off by saying yes i got my order 4 months later Read more

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I placed an order almost 3months in no order. Sent texts emails no response until I was presistant.I talk to a girl.Very unprofessional,long story short she sent emails to me about being belligerent, etc. I let her know I had called BBB told me go ahead and have fun complaining. Anyways be careful you are taking a risk. Oh and I DID GET MY MONEY BACK.

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My Note to the owner. (with no response again and this exchange request has been going on since March 2015) From: LB (Me) Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2015 2:54 PM To:;; NICCI BLANCO LLC ( Subject: FW: Second attempt -The status of my return Can you please give me the tracking number for the waist trainer you claimed you sent me? I do not believe you sent me... Read more

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She has horrible customer service, yeah we hear the line that " I'm running this business by myself I have another day job etc.." But you decided to run a business so you need to be prepared for everything that comes your way it took me over 2 weeks to receive my waist shaper by the time I received it I didn't even want it, trying to get her to respond to an email is like pulling teeth please spend your hard earned money elsewhere! Read more

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It's a shame when women try to ruin a company because they are miserable !!! I've been buying from this company for 2 years now and I've lost weight and went down 3 sizes from a 3x to a 1x in that time . This website is a shame because it offers links to the company being bad talked about an opportunity to pay to remove these comments ! Have you read some of the reviews from other companies ? Way worse .eveything on here is about being rude . I... Read more

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I knew that I couldn't be the only one that the owner of this company has gotten rude with! It don't make no sense what so ever. The emails I have going back and forth with this owner are just too long to even go there again but no matter how unprofessional and rude she continued to be as if she was making a point or something I stayed professional. I've ordered from so many companies that are WAY bigger than hers and every last one of them... Read more

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The person below Danielle Medina is a scammer attempting to discredit the company Coke Bottle Curves because the company does not want to refund her order because she did not follow me shipping policy . There have been thousands of orders and not one has ever made up a story about a phishing email being sent . No the company does not want to use your retail blogging service and that shouldn't be a reason to write a fake complaint. Read more

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I am so mad after dealing with a rude customer service person I saw the exact cincher that i ordered on ebay for less money. NEVER AGAIN, 6 days just to process an order is a *** shame. Also, after using pay pal to order from them I received a "spoof" email from pay pal which was a phishing attempt. something stinks, I order all the time off line and I've never experienced such horrible service from a vendor, save your money or go to a trusted,... Read more

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Coke Bottle Curves - Review about Bad Business Practice from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The pictures speak volumes Read more

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